Massoud Jafari Jozani, 62, shooting an episode of his epic saga, “In the eyes of the wind.” The scene takes place in the 1940s, during a reception at a Western embassy in Tehran. The agents of censorship keep a close watch over the shooting, making sure that the red liquid in the Martini glasses is pomegranate juice. “In the eyes of the wind” is the most expensive TV series ever made in Iran: 12 million dollars for 50 50-minute episodes, shot in 480 different places in 10 provinces, and broadcast each Friday night on the national television’s first channel, gathering from 7 to 10 million viewers. The show tells the story of a single family, from the 1920s to the 1980s. Here’s the preview!

in the wind’s eye
VIDEO : Trailer du film « In the wind’s eyes », série de 50 épisodes de Massoud Jafar Jozani

An actor taking a break on a shooting of the series ‘Youssef’, filmed by Farajollah Salahshoor, a director known to be close to the regime.

A scene of the series ‘Youssef’ that took three years to film with 180 actors in a 30,000 square meter décor.

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