Danial, 18, lives with his parents in the Ekbatan neighborhood, near Tehran airport. His father is an engineer, and his mother is a housewife. His life is very much like that of any Western teenager: his favorite band is Nirvana, he loves Bansky’s urban art and he himself leads a clandestine group of taggers and rappers in Tehran, “The Rats.” Danial is a passionate skate-boarder during summer and snow-boarder in winter. He also practices a French-invented sport called Parkour, which consists in finding the shortest way from one point of the city to another by climbing up and jumping over urban obstacles: walls, houses, railways, and cars. One day, as he was trying to escape policemen chasing after him, he lost a finger when climbing down a roof by the gutter. This has not stopped him from parkouring on… He’s sorry only insofar as it prevents him from playing guitar as well as before.

Danial and a friend in front of his house.

Danial, at night, in his district ‘Ekbatan’ (Photo : Edoardo Delille)

Danial, practicing ‘Parkour’(Photo : Edoardo Delille)

Danial, practicing ‘Parkour’(Photo : Edoardo Delille)

More images of Daniel on Edoardo Delille’s website :

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