Khosrow Hassanzadeh (to the left), 46, was first a Basij during the war against Iraq, then a fruit seller, before becoming one of the most famous Iranian artists abroad. The British Museum bought several of his works. Here, he hugs his nephew Mostapha to congratulate him on his wedding to Zeinab Fazali. In the foreground is Sedegh Ali, the father of the bride. The wedding ceremony is a curious mix of tradition and modernity. Men and women party in different rooms, but each will later watch the other’s celebrations on video. Musicians play on the men’s side, but they’re simultaneously broadcast to the women dancing and freely having fun on their own end.

Khosrow from marchesurmesyeux on Vimeo.

VIDEO : Khosrow Hassanzadeh, dans son atelier à Téhéran. Il raconte son mariage arrangé.

Khosrow Hassanzadeh (backview, black costume, chemise mauve) during the wedding celebrations of his son Mostapha, where the men are dancing in one room, the women in another.

mariage from marchesurmesyeux on Vimeo.

VIDEO : A child dancing on a table during the wedding celebrations.

It is a tradition on the wedding day for the guests to put banknotes in the pockets, mouth or hands of the bride’s father.

Artist’s Khosrow Hassanzadeh’s website :

A selection of Khosrow Hassanzadeh’s paintings

From the series EARLY PAINTINGS. Untitled, 1998

From the series EARLY PAINTINGS.Self-portrait, 1990

From the series ASHURA. Ashura, 2000

From the series CHADOR, 2000

From the series PROSTITUTE. Faheshe, 2002

From the series TERRORIST. Najibeh, 2004

From the series READ TO ORDER. Javad, 2007

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